Everyone’s favourite bit from Benedict’s Ice Bucket Challenge… but can we talk about that first gif?


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You see that?  I could nearly touch Groby Tree from the night nursery window. There’s all sorts of things hanging on the tree.  They bring good luck.  
- Christopher Tietjens (Parade’s End)

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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

You’re a man who couldn’t stay in the suburbs for more than a month without storming a crack den and beating up a junkie.

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“I’m pretty blown away by Benedict Cumberbatch. I just love his absolute commitment to his characters. He’s so ballsy. He’s so unafraid to really go there — to commit physically, to commit emotionally, to commit verbally, like he’s just very clear and very specific about his characters, and really unabashed in embodying them.” — Tatiana Maslany. (x)

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RichardIII tomorrow!

So I’ll be seeing Martin Freeman tomorrow in Jamie Lloyd’s production of Richard III. STILL CAN’T QUITE BELIEVE IT.

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